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Industry Initiatives

Studio Lab XR - Virtual Production


Girls in Gaming - Free Training For Youth


Manitoba Women in Tech Meetup Group

Collaboration with NMM, Tech MB and North Forge


Manitoba’s Ecosystem Partners


Post-Secondary Education

RRC Polytechnic


University of Manitoba


University of Winnipeg


Université de Saint-Boniface


Herzing College (Winnipeg)


Manitoba Institute of Trades & Technology


Brandon University


University College of the North



Download The Conversation Starter Kit

In a world where technology continually shapes our future, equipping your child with the right guidance is more important than ever. Our Conversation Starter Kit is designed to provide you with the knowledge and tools to navigate Manitoba's tech & digital industry.

  • Comprehensive Insights: Delve into Manitoba's tech sector to discover key career opportunities and educational pathways, arming yourself with the knowledge to steer your child's tech ambitions

  • Engagement Tools: Utilize practical conversation starters and resources to foster meaningful discussions about your child's interests and aspirations in tech

  • Empowerment and Support: Provide your child with the support and knowledge they need to confidently navigate and succeed in the evolving tech landscape

By downloading our guide, you're taking a significant step toward empowering your child with the confidence and clarity they need to thrive in a digital & tech-driven future.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is NavigateITMB?

NavigateITMB is a platform designed to support and guide individuals, especially parents and their children, in understanding and navigating the tech and digital industries in Manitoba. It provides resources, information, and tools to help foster informed decisions regarding tech education and careers.

How can NavigateITMB help me understand the tech industry in Manitoba?

NavigateITMB offers detailed insights into Manitoba's tech industry, including information on career paths, educational resources, and industry trends. It aims to demystify the tech sector and provide actionable guidance for aspiring tech professionals.

What are NOC codes, and why are they important for tech careers?

NOC codes classify and describe occupations in the Canadian labor market. Understanding these codes is crucial for identifying career opportunities, aligning educational paths, and comprehending the skills and qualifications required in the tech industry.

How can parents use the NavigateITMB platform to support their children's tech career interests?

Parents can use NavigateITMB to access a wealth of information, including the Conversation Starter Guide, which helps facilitate discussions about tech careers, educational pathways, and industry opportunities, empowering them to support their children's career choices effectively.

What types of tech/digital careers are available in Manitoba?

Manitoba's tech industry offers diverse career options ranging from software development and cybersecurity to digital media and animation. NavigateITMB provides insights into these career paths, helping individuals explore the opportunities within the province's tech sector.

How does the Conversation Starter Guide benefit parents and their students?

The guide serves as a resource for parents to initiate meaningful conversations with their children about tech careers, providing background information, discussion topics, and insights into the tech industry, thereby supporting informed career decision-making.

What resources are available on the NavigateITMB site for exploring tech education and career paths?

The site features a variety of resources, including detailed NOC code information, educational program links, industry insights, and guides that collectively offer comprehensive support for individuals exploring tech careers in Manitoba.

How can I participate in the NavigateITMB survey, and what are the benefits?

Participation details are available on the site under the 'survey' page, where you can contribute your insights to help shape future tech education and career support initiatives. Participants will be entered for a chance to win exclusive prizes.

What partnerships does NavigateITMB have with tech organizations and educational institutions in Manitoba?

NavigateITMB collaborates with key organizations like New Media Manitoba, Tech Manitoba along with various educational and community institutions, to enhance the platform's resources and ensure it provides relevant, up-to-date information on Manitoba's tech industry.

How can I stay updated on the latest developments in Manitoba's tech industry through NavigateITMB?

The platform offers regular updates, industry news, and insights, ensuring users have access to the latest information on tech career opportunities, educational pathways, and industry trends in Manitoba. Sign up for industry newsletters above.

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