A resource for navigating Manitoba’s exciting digital careers

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A resource for navigating Manitoba’s exciting digital careers

We understand the challenges with navigating all of the new types of technologies, career options, job titles, educational pathways, internships and skills training that’s needed to enter the workforce. Where do you begin?!

For those noticing a student's interest in digital technologies, we aim to guide you towards future careers in this field. These roles all require critical thinking, communication, problem-solving, and technical skills.

Get curious and learn about the evolving opportunities in Manitoba's Information, Communications, and Digital Technologies (ICDT) sector.

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Support Your Child's Career Journey in Manitoba

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Your life is supported by so many different specialists!

Almost everything we do in our day-to-day is supported by people who innovate, create and manage digital technologies.

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Download The Conversation Starter Kit

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In a world where technology continually shapes our future, equipping your child with the right guidance is more important than ever. Our Conversation Starter Kit is designed to provide you with the knowledge and tools to navigate Manitoba's tech & digital industry.

  • Comprehensive Insights: Delve into Manitoba's tech sector to discover key career opportunities and educational pathways, arming yourself with the knowledge to steer your child's tech ambitions

  • Engagement Tools: Utilize practical conversation starters and resources to foster meaningful discussions about your child's interests and aspirations in tech

  • Empowerment and Support: Provide your child with the support and knowledge they need to confidently navigate and succeed in the evolving tech landscape

By downloading our guide, you're taking a significant step toward empowering your child with the confidence and clarity they need to thrive in a digital & tech-driven future.

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Did you know...

There are 8+ Universities and Colleges with 15+ programs offering 300+ courses and micro credentials in Manitoba

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